Window Screen Replacement

How to Replace Screen in a Window Screen

  1. Start removing the old screen by first removing the old spline, which is the cord around the border of the screen that holds the aluminum screen mesh in place. You can dig it out with a small screw driver or other pointed tool. Then just pull it out. The old spline can sometimes be reused if it is not too brittle.
  2. Remove the screen from the screen frame. Avoid ripping it so it can be used as a template for the new screen.
  3. Lay the old screen on top of the new screen material to use it as a template for the correct screen size. Leave approximately one inch extra beyond the old screen, so the new screen will be bigger than the old one. Extra screen can be cut away after installation is complete.
  4. Cut the new screen using a straight edge and a knife.
  5. Lay the frame in front of you, and set the new screen material on top of it.
  6. Startin in one corner, put the new spline over its channel and push it in, pushing the screen in with it.
  7. Take a spline roller and use the grooved wheel to push the spline and screen into the spline channel on the frame. Keep the screen stretched tight as you do this along one edge.
  8. Keep it tight as you go around the corner and do the other sides.
  9. Trim the excess spline at the last corner.
  10. Use a utility knife to cut the excess screen away without cutting the spline.
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